No-hassle mail tracking in Japan

配送追跡 is the application from, which was developed only because other trackers available on the Android market did not work properly for me (and I have tried most of them). What I needed was easy to use, fast and simple solution to track my mail packages sent all over Japan and sometimes overseas. Now I have it and I hope you'll like it too. Enjoy =)

There are three main features included in this application, which separates it from the rest of the applications:

Download and install the application

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There are two ways to get the application from the Android market.

You may follow the 配送追跡 link to get to the market page, where you may check if your phone/tablet is compatible (most of them are, except the prehistoric ones) and arrange the application to be automatically installed to your device next time you're online.

Also, You may point your smartphone/tablet camera to the QR code picture and use bar-code reader to redirect you to the Android Market page, where you may download the application directly to your device.

Automatic carrier selection

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What baffled me the most in other trackers, was the necessity to open the list (sometimes several screens long) of shipping companies and select the carrier who ships the package. Firstly, I send using 2-3 shipping companies and receive from maybe 5-6, so everything else is just the waste of my time. Secondly, I sometimes send and receive several packages a day and have tracking numbers written on the pieces of paper without any indication of which one went where.

配送追跡 solves this problem by automatically detecting which number belongs to which shipping company and displaying a small carrier icon next to the shipping number, all this absolutely without any human help. Now I can type in a bunch of numbers and don't even worry if they will be properly tracked.

Valid number checker

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None of the trackers I have tried before check if the number entered is actually the valid one. I could type in any garbage, phone number or even my birthday without a single error message. Even the smallest finger slip (very easy to make on the smartphone soft-keyboards) easily results in hours of pointless waiting and wondering why the tracking info does not become available and where did my package actually go.

配送追跡 checks every number entered and rejects numbers which do not follow carrier guidelines. Most of input errors are found and corrected immediately.

Barcode actually works

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Other trackers sometimes mention barcode scanning capability, sometimes not. But even if mentioned, most of the time is just plain does not work. Camera keeps moving focus back and forward, making funny noises, but nothing happens.

配送追跡 barcode scanner works 90% of the time. Sometimes it misses a digit or two, especially in bad lighting conditions, but it's not a big deal, since the validator rejects badly scanned numbers and allows to rescan them. If I have a pile of 10-20 receipts with barcodes, I can easily scan them all in less than a minute, even if they all come from different shipping companies.

Supported carriers

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The following carriers are currently supported by this application:

  • 日本郵便
  • 佐川宅急便
  • ヤマト運輸
  • EMS and related international small package delivery
  • FedEx Express (FedEx Ground does not work in Japan, AFAIR)

The following carriers are going to be added in the future:

  • 西濃運輸
  • 西武運輸
  • 福山通運
  • 日通航空
  • 日本トラック

Update schedule

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The tracking data is downloaded from the carrier web site over the internet, which costs money. To reduce the traffic, tracking data is updated only when application is open. If you switch to another application, updates are paused and will be resumed as soon as you return back to 配送追跡. In the case you keep it constantly open, it checks the current tracking status once every 15 minutes.

Ad-Free version

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配送追跡 is given for free, but there are a few ads on different screens, which help to support the development. If you don't like to see ads, you may always click menu item "Remove Ads" and pay some money to Android market. You need to pay only once to remove ads from all devices you have, assuming these devices use same credentials to access Android market.